Hello there 👋

My name is Matthew Freire. I'm a software developer and indie hacker.

I work as a freelancer. Read more about my work

I'm also working on a few projects. I post about the work I do on Twitter

Or if you're interested in some of my writings, here are some of my latest posts:

  • 7 mins

    Guide on moving to Portugal

    Immigration is a long and painful process. Most of the time we go into it blind and have no idea what we need to know. This post is a guide for anyone moving to Portugal.

  • 3 mins

    Why Hard Work is Overrated

    Throughout my years in high school and university I believed that hard work was a requirement to be successful. But now I have completely changed my view on this. In this post I will explain how my perspective shifted and why working hard should not be idolised when trying to achieve any form of "success".